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For our Feline Visitors:

Designated Kitty Only Area

Play Area With Toys

Premium Royal Canin diets

Various Size Kitty Condos

Fire Protection

Security System

Natural Light

cat boarding1

For you:

The comfort of knowing that our veterinary staff is available to provide medical care should your pet need it.

In order to ensure the well being of your pet, as well as those of our other guests, we require all our boarders to have current vaccinations. We will not accept pets that are self vaccinated or vaccinated at mobile clinics, as these vaccines are difficult to confirm. For cats, this includes Upper Respiratory combination, FELV, and Rabies vaccines. All pets staying as guest will be examined for fleas upon admission. If any are found, a dose of CAPSTAR will be administered and a fee of $5.00 will be added to the total charges. Again, this is for the comfort of all our boarding pets.

Bowls and bedding are provided. If you choose to bring one or two small items, such as toys, please keep in mind the relative size of the kitty condo. Items should be labeled with your pet's name, and please do not bring any items that are not replaceable. All of our guests are fed a premium maintenance food. If you pet requires a special diet, please bring enough for his/her entire stay.

Accommodations are limited, we encourage you to make your reservations early to avoid disappointment.

Boarding services are available at Northgate and Village Oak