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For pets that deserve a little pampering! Most pets benefit from a day at the groomer.

Clean pets are more pleasant to have in the house, and leaving all the dead hair at the groomer is a plus! Our groomers have state of the art equipment, with a full veterinary facility available if needed.

Our groomers are not only committed to the physical and emotional health of your pet, but also committed to making sure your pet looks and feels their very best. For some pets, this takes a little time, we will never rush a pet, if you have time constraints, we are not the groomer for you.

Medical grooming includes treatment, when necessary, for allergies, yeast infections, seborrhea, hotspots and ringworm lesions, sedated grooming for older patients and those requiring extra stress reduction. All medical grooming is performed under the supervision of a veterinarian.

Full grooming includes luxurious spa bath, full haircut (as required), towel dry or speed dry, nail trimming for overgrown and/or deformed nails, anal gland expression, and ear cleaning.

Our groomer will contact you when your pet is ready for pick-up as appointments in some cases can take up to several hours.

Prices are based on breed and coat condition.

Please call for a grooming estimate.

Please note that grooming is available at Village Oak and Manteca Veterinary Hospitals only