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Sedated Pet Grooming
(Available at Village Oak and Manteca Veterinary Hospitals Only)

Most animals can be groomed without sedation or anesthesia, however, there are many pet patients who require this procedure. Primary candidates for our sedated pet grooming service are animals who struggle with behavioral aggression, those who are easily stressed, and those who struggle with physical pain, particularly due to heavy matting.

Our main priority is our pet patient’s safety and comfort. We have a full in-house grooming facility at the hospital, complete with the most up-to-date anesthesia and monitoring systems. Our groomers work closely with hospital staff to ensure the safety of your pet during grooming and while under sedation. Doctors and technicians will perform pre-anesthetic testing, administer medications as necessary, and monitor your pet during the entirety of their visit.

A key benefit of regular grooming at our facilities is that we become familiar with your pet’s medical and emotional needs, allowing us to recognize developing problems before they escalate (i.e. skin conditions, parasite infections, new lumps or masses, swelling, tenderness, etc.).

If you believe your pet may benefit from our sedated pet grooming service, please contact our staff today to schedule a consultation with our veterinarian and groomer.