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It's a fact: the single greatest threat to a pet's life is getting lost. Ten million pets get lost every year, and without identification, 90% of them never return home. There are many companies currently selling micro-chips, but we feel that Home Again has done the best job helping lost pets get reuinted with their owners.

HomeAgain is rewriting these statistics with advanced microchipping technology and comprehensive pet recovery services that have found more than one million pets to date. When it comes to finding lost pets, HomeAgain sets the standard with a nationwide network of more than 1,000,000 PetRescuers. And 24/7 on-call support.

When it comes to keeping track of pet owners, they are also leading the way with reminders to owners to keep their contact information current at the time of their annual membership renewal and periodically through other pet owner communications. Proactive recovery and registration updates are two ways HomeAgain helps ensure that both lost pets and their owners can be found.

Many of our clients and employees have joined HomeAgain's network of volunteer PetRescuers and help save lost pets. You can help lost dogs and lost cats get home and getting involved is simple and can make a real difference.

HomeAgain has reunited over 600,000 lost pets and their owners - our volunteer PetRescuer network is a big part of that. When you become a HomeAgain PetRescuer, you join a network of animal lovers who help save lost pets.

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