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Veterinary Resources



Our Veterinarians are aware of the vast amount
of information available on the internet. 
We have evaluated the following sites and trust
the information the listed websites provide.



American Animal Hospital Association is an international                                              
association of more than 17,000 veterinary care providers
who treat companion animals.

American Veterinary Medical Association provides                                                               
this site as a source of general information on                                                               
animal information on animal related topics,
such as pet loss, health issues and public

American Kennel Club has created a site
loaded with information regarding specific                                                                                    
breeds, puppy selection, breeder referrals                                         
and dog show schedules.  This is also a
great site to keep current on dog related

Cat Fanciers' Association has a site full of information                                                          
regarding cat shows, breeds and general cat care.

Hill's Prescription Diet is a source for information on pet                                                             
nutrition by the makers of Science Diet and Hills Prescription

Home Again is a news and health information  portal                                                         
for pet owners who purchase the Home Again Microchip
and Pet Recovery Program.  Any pets having completed
our Puppy or Kitten programs have this chip and are
eligible for all the benefits of this site.

Eukanuba/Iams Diets is a source of general dog
and cat information, as well as product information
regarding Iams and Eukanuba diets.

Merial provides product information on Frontline
as a method of flea control.  This site allows you
to register for e-mail reminders when it is
time to reapply Frontline.

Pfizer answers questions regarding the use
of Revolution as a total parasite control
product, preventing Heartworm, internal
parasites, and flea control.

Veterinary Pet Insurance is a site that helps pet
owners find pet insurance at an affordable cost. 
V.P.I. allows you to make your veterinary health
care decisions based on your pets needs, rather
than expense.

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What is is the website hub for 4 northern California veterinary hospitals. We offer a variety of unique specialty services as well as general pet health services.

Our hospitals are located in Modesto & Manteca California, for more information on what contact us today!

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